Friday, January 29, 2016

Gay's Days. The Bullies


January 29, 2016

Good morning!

So how will you spend your day? I’ll be running errands, and it is beautiful outside, so that makes it easier and more pleasant.  We are to have temps in the 70’s by afternoon. The weather lady says we'll have 80 on Monday. Oh joy! I dread our Houston summer.


I’m excited about my two books.
Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie is another novel about my dyslexic angel who comes to earth and makes a mess while doing good. She intervenes with a high school bully and the event is hilarious.

But bullies aren’t funny—they are mean and cause pain. I saw on TV this morning where a group of high school kids are putting together an APP for their phone to help each other with such things. Proud of them.
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Clue into Kindness will be released on February 12. No angels in this story, but the husband in the story bullies his wife and she handles it.

If you know someone who faces a tormenter, do what you can to bring relief. Both of my new books offer suggestions.

Sometimes we need help with our problems. Let’s give it, or get it. Life is too short to suffer when assistance is available.

Keep smiling—even if you’d rather cry. A smile can chase can a talk with a friend.

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