Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gay's Days. My tree survives surgery

January 21, 2016
Good morning friends,
Our sky is cloudy and we expect colder temps this afternoon. My heart goes out to all who are in the midst of a winter snow storm. Driving in those conditions must be a nightmare. I find driving in dry, normal times hazardous. Did I tell you about the nine wrecks I had the first year we lived in Houston? I didn't? Well, remind me and I'll do that on another day.
Sarah, the angel in my series, tried driving a car in Sarah: Laney’s Angel. Her attempt was hilarious, but my collisions weren’t when I had them. People tease me to this day about my driving skills.

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If you want a good laugh, read this suspenseful, humorous book.  Not only do I write about driving, I also write about personal experiences from my interior design days, but this time, these things happened to Laney instead of me.
The tree guys were here yesterday until about 3:00. They're gonna come back to finish hauling off the left over debris. This tree was huge and I’m sad to see half of it gone.
And so it began.
This guy isn't afraid of heights.
My poor tree. It must feel exposed. Reduced to half of its former glory.
Huge logs left. The surgeon said the tree was healthy, and that makes me sad. Hubby feared a strong wind would blow the giant into our house.  We hope if a hurricane comes, the tree will fall to the land beside us. Sad. Sad. Sad.
Well, on to other things. I'm spending my day catching up with duties I’m not fond of. Paying bills—yuk! Filing business stuff—blah! What are ya’ll doing? Stay well and healthy!
Until tomorrow, smile today.


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