Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gay's Days. My tree

January 20, 2016

Good morning friends,

How’s the day so far for you? Some of you have a blizzard headed your way. Here in the Houston area, we will have a mild, cloudy day ahead with a few scattered showers.

I’m fighting bronchitis this morning. It usually comes my way in October, but the irritation found me later this year.  I hope all of you are staying well.

We have a tree guy coming this morning. I told you once about the huge Ash tree next to our house that might need to come down. 

This picture was made last summer when we had a man cutting down a few branches. See how high up he is?

Ash trees have a life span of about 20-30 years, and this one has reached that limit. It is still beautiful and healthy, but we don’t want it to fall on the house.
Ash tree in winter
I don’t want to lose it. We’re going to see if part of it can go and part stay. Perhaps the expert can take down the branches leaning closest to the house, then if the tree falls, it should fall away...toward the empty space beside us. When we built our home, I designed it around three trees and this is one of them.
I love trees, and this Ash has so much character.
A one one-hundred year old Pecan tree lives behind the screened  in area. Sitting on the porch and enjoying the yard is a treat. I'll let you know what happens to my tree. 
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Until tomorrow, stay warm, and smile at everyone!

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