Monday, February 1, 2016

Gay's Days in Texas

February 1, 2016

Good morning!

We’ll have a warm Texas day, but the weather should turn seasonal tomorrow.   Before you pack and leave Blizzard country, keep in mind that Texas is the number three state for tornados.


 And don’t forget our famous hurricanes. Yep, we have those too. Oh! And how about the unbearable heat? You can fry the soles of your feet in a heartbeat.


Now don’t get me wrong. We are real friendly down here and will make you welcome. Once you get here, you’ll love it.

Photo: Dale Lewis
Have you seen our beautiful Texas Hill Country In the spring? You’ll gaze on our famous state flower, the Bluebonnet. Their fields  can resemble vast oceans.  In the fall, you’ll see rolling hills ablaze with color.


Like other states, Texas has assets and liabilities. Don't you love your area too? Most people do, although there may be a few who would prefer to live in another place. If so, come on to Texas!
I'm partial to Texas. Can't you tell? I've lived here all my life except for one year in Oklahoma, but I found that state lovely too.
Texas is a grand place to write books. I enjoy sitting in the A/C at my computer. (We usually keep the A/C going year around.) I awake, grab coffee, and then I allow my imagination to run away with me.
My author/editor friend, Jacqui Hopper made this banner for me. Isn't it lovely? I've added two more books to the collection since this time, but this gives you an idea of who I am and what I do. Sarah, the angel pictured above is the star of my series, and she prefers to stay in Texas.
In a book coming soon, Sarah and the Double Wedding Woes, Sarah must fly to Chicago. Horrors! She's terrified and begs to stay in Texas. The Superiors don't grant her request. You see, she needs to grow and experience new things. She thought Chicago lovely, but believe me, she was happy to return to familiar territory. She's stays lost in our area, but Texas is her comfort zone.

Here's the newest Sarah book.
Sarah and Double Wedding Woes is a sequel to Sarah and a Date for Mackenzie.
Well, okay everyone. Ya'll have a good day and I hope it brings a smile.

check out this site. You might find an article or two from me.


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