Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015

Foggy in Houston

See the view I had this morning from my back porch? The fog had cleared a bit before I snapped the picture. I debated to walk or not, but decided to plunge out into the soup.
The past two days here have been ideal. Yesterday was an absolute diamond. Did I walk? Nope! Here I was....worried about my New England friends and the Blizzard. I sent them emails and said I hoped their power stayed on.
Mine down here in sunny Texas didn't.  On Tuesday it went down for a few minutes....just enough to make a mess for all in the neighborhood.  Go figure that one.  Of course my computer and land line went kablooey along with all WiFi. So yesterday I waited all day for AT&T to arrive. You know how it is.  They don't come in the window of time they give you.
Anyhow........I'm back up and running and that's a good thing.
Now to run those errands that I missed yesterday while I waited for repairs.  Have a good one!

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