Friday, January 16, 2015

Gay's Days January 16, 2015

Good morning friends,

Is the sun shinning where you are? Rays are pelting us with warmth, and I'm giddy with pleasure. I've fought flu like symptoms all week--didn't have it, but felt icky, so the sun helps.

Direct TV came out yesterday to install new satellite coverage for us. We had Dish removed. Hubby enjoys Fox News and they weren't available on Dish.  Ironic thing is that when he called to cancel Dish yesterday, Dish said Fox News would be back today.

Hubs said, "Too late."

So now we are getting accustomed to new channel numbers and a new remote. Don't you just hate that?  As soon as I learn to operate some technical device, I have to start over.

Direct has features Dish didn't, so I may like it better.

The weekend is here. Hope all of you are well enough to be in your worship places on Sunday!

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