Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gay's Days January 7, 2015

Hello friends,

The early day here in Fulshear began on a mild note, but the weather changes as I write. A hard freeze is heading to south Texas but our frosty condition can't compare to weather our northern neighbors endure these days. Between here and the Canadian border, there are much colder temps.

The fireplace is blazing, the coffee is hot, and I'm enjoying staying inside. Walk? Oh, yeah, I was supposed to do that today. Planned on going to the gym, but I found it easy to ignore that task today.

I'm hungry.  Are you?  Did you resolve to lose those pounds from the holidays? Oh my! Those delicious meals will linger with me for awhile.  I can hear your question. "Well, duh, Gay, what happened to the exercise routine? Losing weight requires one."

I know. I know.  Please don't make me feel guilty. I'll do better tomorrow.

What will come your way in 2015?  No one knows the future, but a few of my family members have made plans.  Daughter number three who resides in San Antonio will be moving to Kentucky in the spring.  Any of you live there? I've never been, but hubby and I look forward to visiting. I'm excited for them.

She and her husband bought over five acres to build a house upon, and the nearest big city is Lexington.  We spent Christmas in San Antonio with them.  Here's a picture. Yeah, I understand, it's blurry and you can't tell much about it.  Sorry. We were at the Marriott Hotel, and they had the grounds magnificently displayed in lights. We needed a bigger camera with a better flash.

Daughter number two is in the purple shirt, and daughter and son-in-law (the tall dude) who will soon be in Kentucky are in dark clothes in front next to me. Hubs and I were freezing and we didn't stay outside in the cold long enough to keep taking pictures.

Christmas holidays were a mixture of happiness and a bit of sadness.  First born daughter and husband (in Austin) had planned to be with us in San Antonio, but they couldn't make it. Our son-in-law wasn't released from the hospital for several days, and he spent Christmas there. What a bummer for them.

On December 26, daughter number three's mother-in-law died. Her funeral was this past Monday. She was a terrific lady who'd attended our church before moving to San Antonio to an assisted living facility. No need for her to transfer to one in Kentucky. She relocated to a far better place than any down here.

I finished a short story and turned it into the publisher yesterday. Clue into Kindness. The release date isn't set. Sarah isn't in this one, she's still riding the waves on the way to Catalina Island. I should bring her ashore soon. She's not fond of the ocean.

Until tomorrow, ya'll stay warm!

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