Monday, January 12, 2015

Gay's Days January 12, 2015

Good morning friends,

The temperature is a chilly 43 F here in Fulshear and our high for the day should reach 54. Fog will clear out later, and I hope the misty stuff is gone by the time I need to drive east.

I'm going to Macy's today, and the closest store is in an area called Memorial is a mall, not a separate city, and it will take a good forty-five minutes to get there with good traffic.

On Saturday, FedEx delivered a huge box to our door.  Hubby wanted to know what I'd ordered that needed a container that size.

He looked a bit surprised when I said I didn't know. How could I forget buying something that required such a gigantic box?

After opening it, I discovered three long, black coats. Did I say long? Each one skimmed my ankles.

My daughter sent them.


She's a sweetheart. I try to be careful not to mention I need something or plan to buy an item. That little thing (she's feet tall) goes out, gets it, and sends it to me.  Did you catch the number? Three coats.

The instructions were to "Keep the one you like and take the other two back."

So I'm headed to Macy's today to return all three. Houston isn't the frozen tundra, so the length is too long. I sent her the picture below and she was surprised too. She ordered them on line and failed to recognize they were "maxi."  This is the one I liked best...fake fur on the cuffs, around the collar and flows all the way to the hem.  If they have this in a shorter version, I'll buy it on my credit card--not hers.  She does way too much already.

While at the mall, I'm going to the Apple Store. My new mini iPad needs help. Well, actually, the gadget is fine. Gay needs help to download her stuff.  Amazon Audible needs to be on the device so I can listen to the books I've written.  Three are on Audible now, and the forth one is coming soon.

I'm down a few ounces on the scale today. Yay!  I hope they don't return tomorrow. Getting rid of holiday treats is difficult, isn't it?

Have a good one and stay warm.

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