Friday, September 15, 2017

Win a Book!

Follow me on my author page on Amazon. Each new person to follow between now and September 22 earns a chance to win an eBook of Mattie's Choice.

This will not sign you up to a mail list. You will not be receiving email blasts. Don't you just hate those? Everyone wants your email, and then you get one advertisement after another. Yuk!

If you check the box under my picture, when I release a new book, you will be notified. 

I wish I released a book every month. But that's not the case.

You might get a notification once a year!

It takes most authors at least six months to write a book and six months for editing and publishing.

Mattie's Choice is an exception.

It took me twelve years to write it and a year to get it edited and published. Prism Book Group merged with Pelican Book Group. Prism is now an imprint of Pelican. Mercy me! All the changes.

Whew! Right?

A lot of work from me, 
several editors and two publishers went into this book.

So please read it!

And please follow me on Amazon.

I hope you win!

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