Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Marriage. The Long, Short and split of it.

In California, we visited the Sequoias. Goliath trees. Many had similarities and yet distinct characteristics. 

I fell in love with this tree.

Is it one? Or is it two trees grown together?

Several of us on the California tour chatted about this tree. It is one, but I love the way it symbolizes marriage.

The tree reminds me that two people start out with distinct features and different characteristics but with time, they grow to one unique element. Like many long-time married couples, this tree is joined at the hip. If you look at each trunk reaching to the heavens, you'll see variances, but looking at the whole, you see the total.

I like the idea of this tree being a happy one. Two "personalities" united to make one entity.

The tree has longevity. 
Many of these Sequoias live 3000 years. 
Couples in satisfying marriages 
look forward to a lengthy life together.

Paul and I have had decades of years and we hope for many more. One thing is certain. This tree will outlive us. 
We'll gaze on it together from heaven one day.

Kerry and John Cox look happy as they stand by General Sherman. I'm not sure how long they've been married, but they appear happy and standing here, they're joined at the hip.

Our bus tour had couples of various ages. Some, like Paul and me, had been married for ages. Others on the coach were newer at it.
Some were single. 
I know one or two people here in Houston who choose to stay solo. That's okay too. Individuals can grow strong and tall too.

On the other hand, if two people are in an unhappy marriage, they might view this tree differently. They could look at the split, and say, "That's us. Divided down the middle." Perhaps they stay joined because of kids. Or jobs. Maybe financials. My hope for them is that they find means to reconcile the split and live a happy, united life. Some may choose to divorce. That's okay too. Sometimes differences can't be reconciled, and some issues shouldn't be resolved. 

The two fictitious women in my novel, Mattie and Ella, had unique marriages. For them, it was time to move on, leave husbands. Terminate a union that wasn't healthy.

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See you tomorrow!

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