Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Normal Life

Hurricane Harvey and Irma disrupted normal lives.  These two devils destroyed property and took lives. It may be years before people recover, if they ever do. Daily grief may become commonplace.

As a friend visited with us this week, we discussed how wonderful a "normal life" is. You know, everyday things we take for granted. Home, vehicle, job, family—all the things we experience on an ordinary basis.

A disruptive magnitude such as a loss of home, job, or a family member devastates. After a catastrophic event, we long for everything to return to "normal" again. 

Why is it we aren't thankful for common place until it's gone?

In my book that releases tomorrow, Mattie had a wonderful life until she married Jesse. Her former, typical life changed drastically.

In 1925, women had few rights, but they had what was normal for the day.

Mattie married and expected an customary lifestyle. Husband, home, children. Then Jesse began to hurt her emotionally and physically. Her life turned upside down.

Fast forward 92 years. Women marry today and expect a conventional life, but they discover too late they married a controlling man.

A "normal" life for them becomes living in daily fear.

I hope you'll read Mattie's Choice, and I hope your heart will open to hurting women. I also hope this book makes us thankful for modern day, normal lives.

Available September 15 in eBook and print.

Here's another thing. I'm on Danele Rotharmel's blog today! She asked some unusual questions. Stop by and read my answers. I may surprise you!

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