Monday, September 25, 2017

Now or Never

Wow! I heard the song, "It's Now or Never," sung by Elvis while driving in the car a few minutes ago.

You know how it is, you hear a goldie-oldie and a memory hits you like a lightening bolt.

That's what that song did for me. Usually when a radio station plays that tune, I turn the dial. The song is pretty and I love the way Elvis sings it. But then I like the way Elvis sings everything.

Two choices:  The lyrics say to make one, now or never. That's the way we often make choices. Now. Or. Never.

We have choices in life. Sometimes our selections involves the now. If I go to a restaurant and the waiter comes for my selection, it's time to order and choose. Don't mess around. The time is now.

Other choices we should NEVER make. Like the one when I almost married the wrong man.

I said yes to a marriage proposal that I should have declined.

But the guy quoted Elvis. "It's now or never," he said those words and handed me a ring.

I was put on the spot. It wasn't like I could say to the waiter in the restaurant, "I haven't decided yet, give me a few minutes."  

I gulped and said yes.

But after a few weeks, I got up the nerve to give the ring back. It took a while, but I made the right choice. NEVER.

I haven't seen the guy since. He was a nice dude, and I'm sure he still is, but we weren't right for each other.

So when I hear Elvis sing, I listen, unless he's singing "It's Now or Never." I change the dial instantly when that one comes along.

Choices change our lives.

They have for me.

They certainly did for Mattie and Ella.

These two women made choices. Sometimes the choices were immediate and others took time.
All were heartrending and life changing.

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