Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Lion

This lion is looking at Sarah and thinking, "why did you wear those ugly shoes with that pretty dress? Are you nuts? You didn't make a good choice."

Sarah is the dyslexic angel I write about. Her misadventures are hilarious. She loves beautiful heels and often tries to wear them, but she falls down every time she puts them on. Perhaps she chose these shoes because they are sturdier than stilettos. But why didn't she make them white? Or maybe flesh toned? 

On a serious note. Who's protecting who in this picture? The angel guarding the lion, or is the lion guarding the angel?

What are they discussing?

When you converse with the Lion of Judah, what do you talk about? Probably not shoes, but then, He listens to anything you have to say. 

He enjoys the conversation. So if shoes are on the mind, He'll listen, but I imagine you have more important things to discuss than which shoes to wear today. But what if you had none? Many humans don't, even here in America. Requesting a pair of shoes would be a priority for them. How many pairs are in your closet? 

We often take for granted what we have. Others need the basics and don't have them.

On a happier note, maybe the lion will direct Sarah to a fashion consultant. 

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