Sunday, April 16, 2017

Joy Comes in the Morning

Easter morning. Day of the Resurrection. Jesus lives.

Have you seen the move, "The Case for Christ?"

This guy, Lee Strobel, is a journalist. He didn't believe the resurrection story, so he set out to prove it wrong.

He went to a lot of trouble. Interviewed many and traveled miles to validate his theory.

He concluded the resurrection is truth.

I'm not amazed God raised Jesus from the dead. God is God. All Powerful.  I'm amazed Jesus came and allowed a cross of shame in the first place. He didn't have to, but He chose to do so...willingly! Wow! That's awesome and amazing.

When the Holy Trinity formed creation way back when, Jesus knew this would happen. Did He look forward to living as man? He knew a cross was in His future. Did He dread His final hours on that ugly, cruel cross? Did He anticipate the joy of God resurrecting Him from a dead, buried earthly body?

I know certain things will happen in my life. I don't know when, but I understand these events will take place. Do I dread them? Yes, I do. 

Disease, departure of loved ones, divorce, death, financial ruin, old age, all these are common to man. Many of us dread them.

Jesus, as a man, yet He was God, enjoyed life on earth in human form. He prayed to the Father to "let this cup pass from me." That indicates He dreaded the cross while he enjoyed life in human form. He understands our fears, our dread doesn't He?

Yet, He had the joy of anticipation of resurrection.  As He looked forward to the future event, He was able to endure the present one.

We can follow His example as we await events to come.

Rest assured. Joy comes in the morning.

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