Monday, April 24, 2017

May I Interrupt You?

I had the television on this morning with my Bible in my lap. Hmmm. I decided that wasn't the way to worship. I imagined something like this.

God to Gay -

"Why do you interrupt your devotional time with me? You keep the TV on and only pray during commercials. Would you like it if I stopped our conversation every few minutes to engage in a trivial game show, or catch the news?

"After the commercial, you begin again. But you've forgotten what you were talking about and start over. Kind of rude, isn't it? And you're wasting our time together. I've already heard the beginning of your prayer, so repetition isn't necessary.

"Please turn off the TV and talk to me. I'd love to have your undivided attention.

"Yes, I like hearing snippets during your busy day, and you are to pray without ceasing.  I like that, but please don't put Me in second place to a television show. I prefer first place.

"I love you." 

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