Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Do You Have Gnats?

I hate these little buggers.

And they don't like me either.

They attack me on my walks and leave whelps. I spray with repellent, but they ignore it.  A neighbor said use vanilla mixed with water. I'll try that. She said I'll smell good and those little pests will leave me alone. Tomorrow....vanilla.

As I fought the tiny devils today, I thought how life can be like that.  We fight trivial things every day. Eventually we become overwhelmed and the hill becomes a mountain. (Pardon the cliches) But you get the point.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if a touch of vanilla here and there would ward off the daily irritants?

I told you how I once how kept a jar of Zip Lip pills on my desk.

Each time I wanted to spout off at a fellow employee, boss or a client, I'd pop a candy in my mouth. It didn't always work, but it helped.

Did I tell you about the extra miles on the dreaded treadmill as a result of these Zip Lip pills? No? Well...that's a different story. I ate a lot of those sugary things. I hope they made life sweeter for those around me.

Vanilla and Zip Lip pills. A way to fight the little pests in life.

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