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I Love Cowboys

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Those men in boots, hats, and jeans are a real head turner for me.  They work hard and they've got muscles to show for it.  They treat ladies with respect, but when it comes time to make love, they do it in a way that's so soft and tantalizing, a girl's heart sings.

All cowboy's are special...interesting...sexy, but Texas cowboys are extra heavy in the "have it all" department. At least to me, but I like 'em from everywhere in America.

I wrote about one. Have you read it? Josiah is a winner and then some. He's a Texan. Every woman wants a man like Josiah.  

I thought you might like to hear Josiah's side of meeting Emily and Sarah. The angel is disguised as an elderly Estella in this novella. Angel Sarah accepts missions on earth to bring couples together, and her assignment from the Commander in The Heavenlies on this undertaking is to introduce Emily to Josiah. She just didn't expect to do it in a bizarre Texas blizzard at Christmas.

When you sit down with a book, imagination takes over. In my mind, Josiah is a handsome hunk, much like the guy pictured blow. In your mind, you might picture him with a scruffy beard. However you see him, believe me, he's a sexy cowboy.  Most of the time in Texas, even in winter, a cowboy can go without a shirt, but in this story, he definitely had to have a winter coat. When the time came for Emily to see Josiah without a shirt, hmmm, well? She was in for a treat. Right?


Meet Cowboy Josiah
From: Sarah and the Cowboy’s Lady
By Gay N. Lewis

My name is Josiah Kenyan and I live in central Texas, halfway between Dallas and Austin.. Last winter, during a bizarre ice storm, I met two interesting women at an isolated convenience store. One was about my age—a knockout. A man would have to be blind not to notice her. An older woman, who I guessed was the grandma, tottered in with the beauty. Grandma acted a bit wacky, and I thought she might be senile. She found out I was a rancher and then wanted to know if a horse had ever kicked me in the head. After a few more comments, I decided this cute little granny might be from another planet.
I wished them well and we said our goodbyes. Turns out that the young woman’s car wouldn’t start. The roads were frozen, the hour was late, no hotels were nearby, and it was Christmas week. I had no choice, and neither did they. I took these ladies home with me. I’m a bachelor, but my grandmother lives with me, so I assured the ladies that we’d be properly chaperoned.
I discovered Emily’s fiancĂ© had broken their engagement and she’d lost her job—all on the same day. Texas men don’t treat women the way this guy did. I wanted to saddle Pedro, ride into Dallas, and teach the bozo some basic Texas manners. Emily said the former boyfriend was from Pennsylvania, so I decided to leave Pedro in the barn.
Road closures kept us inside for days. In short order, I fell in love with Emily Stanton.
As weird as it sounds, Emily had just met Estella a few hours earlier in Dallas. So here we were. Stranded strangers at Christmas. I found both women enchanting.
We ate Grandmother’s Mexican casserole one night by the fire. Estella had never tried the dish, but she ate it with gusto. I was in love with Emily and enthralled with Estella.
Something odd always happened when Estella was around, but she was lovable. You should’ve seen the guy who came to take her home. Talk about peculiar! I’ll never forget him or Estella. You wouldn’t either if you met them.
That snow storm changed my life. Emily doesn’t know it yet, but I’m planning a Texas Bluebonnet wedding when the thaw comes.

Scalloped, Cheese, Casserole
Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Grandmother’s Mexican Christmas Casserole

12 eggs
1 lb. sausage, cooked, drained, crumbled
2 cups milk
1 cup sharp cheese, shredded
1 box croutons
1 tsp salt (optional)
1 tsp. Dry mustard (optional)
2 tsps. hot sauce (more if you like spicy) Grandmother uses the brand, “Hell on the Red, extra hot," but other brands will work. Texans love spicy.

Mix all ingredients, pour into greased 9 x 13 casserole. Bake at 350 for about 30 to 40 minutes.

This treat is only 2.99 on eBook and Amazon

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