Monday, April 10, 2017

Southern Memories

Do you like to cook? Bake?

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I don’t, but my mom kept goodies available. I remember coming home from school and eagerly slicing a piece of Devil’s Food cake. I loved that cake but could never decide if I preferred the Seven Minute White Frosting or the chocolate icing

Pie, Pebre, Food
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Have you ever had fried pies hot from a skillet of butter? Scrumptious. Mom made them from dehydrated fruit. Apricot was my favorite. I’m guessing she hydrated the fruit, prepared it with sugar, pureed it, and then filled homemade pie crust. I wish I had her recipe, although I doubt I’d make them. The two pictured above look and sound similar to mom's. These pies are southern favorites, and maybe I'll get the nerve to try one of the recipes.

 Strawberries, Strawberry Shortcake
photo courtesy Pixabay

Another phenomenal treat on hot Texas days was to open the refrigerator and find strawberry short cake with fresh whipping cream. Yum.

For a time, my family lived in Irving, Texas. Mom and Dad lived a short distance away in Arlington, Texas. My hubby loved to eat at moms and we’d make the trip several times a week. He always did something for her—paint a bedroom, wallpaper a spot, etc. He loved to work and she enjoyed rewarding his labors with foods he fancied.

I have deep, southern roots. My mom came from Alabama and my dad's folks came from Tennessee. I'm a native Texan, but I'm a southern girl at heart. 

Here's a fun quiz. I got 'em all right, don't ya' know.

My books feature southern lifestyle. Oh sure, they're all set in Texas, but I've had many comments about how southern they are. I live in Houston, so I guess South Texas will have to do. Have you read any? No? Well, please do. Here's the link to Amazon. You'll find them at other fine book sellers too.

Until next time, smile. You never know how much your happy face will mean to someone.

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