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Beautiful weather adorns us again in Houston. For the most part, we've escaped winter this year. Come visit us. You'll enjoy the days and the many activities in our area.

My latest book, Clue into Kindness debuted on February 12. I'm sharing reviews today and thoughts.


Reviews on Amazon
This review earned four stars. The reader thought Georgia too much of a doormat. Was she? What would you do as a woman or man committed to marriage in this situation? Would arguing constantly help? Withdraw and becoming depressed? Divorce? What is the answer?

This book two in the "Love is . . ." series by Prism Book Group. Gay Lewis often writes about a ditzy but sweet angel, but that's not Clue Into Kindness is about.

This story is about Georgia. She really loves her hubby but he's really kind of a class-A jerk. She responds to every cutting remark with kindness. And she takes it? I don't get it and neither does her best friend Jana who really would like to slap the guy. But her husband tells her that's not really who Ken always was.

Georgia has work to do that gives her more positive feedback. Especially when a handsome business owner wines and dines her and offers her a job . . . and possibly more? Georgia backs away although given the way she's treated at home, she's very tempted. But as a follower she could never betray her husband like that. Although who could blame her. Things change when they gather to celebrate her father-in-law's birthday. While Georgia is away from the table, Alan hears some hard truths but he refuse to believe them. He follows up and God gets ahold of his heart . . .

I like light-hearted stories and this was not one of them. But to shine a light on the subtle and yet devastating abuses that can take place even in a Christian marriage through verbal abuse is a good thing to explore. I still wish Georgia hadn't been so much of a doormat but maybe if it had continued, in time, she would have recognized it for what it was.

The reviewer above didn't seem to like Georgia. Perhaps the reader has never been in Georgia's shoes. Unfortunately, many have. Another way to look at Georgia's responses is this. Georgia was strong and well-balanced enough to find positive attributes about Alan and chooses to believe patience and kindness will change the guy.
Here's another review.
Great Book! The author presents well-developed profiles of two young married couples and their complex relationship issues and temptations. Although the text was easy to read, the themes and plots were unexpected, thought-provoking, soul-searching, and definitely convicting to the reader (me). I am specifically reminded of how in the haste and pressures of everyday life, it is far too easy to take those closest to us for granted, be critical, and even fail to provide basic acts and words of kindness. I've read and loved the author's "Sarah books", but this is an exciting new direction for Lewis that I hope we will see more of in the future--in addition to more of Sarah's antics.
An author is complimented when a story causes a person to think.
Another one.
When I was asked to proof the edited version of this novella, I jumped at the chance because I had read many of Gay Lewis's "Sarah" books. This one is a totally different theme, but Lewis handles it with finesse and tenderness. Through my 33 years of marriage, my late husband was over-critical,so this one struck a deep chord in me. Lewis tells the story in a realistic and honest way from both husband and wife's perspectives. I think every couple would benefit from reading it. I loved the main character's tenacity to see the best in her marriage as well as the sweet scene between her husband and his dad. Well plotted and very well written.

 One more.

What an admirable, well-drawn heroine Georgia is! All she needs is a little cooperation from Alan to make things turn out right. So many stories that begin like this one end in heartbreak. However, author Gay Lewis doesn't follow the predictable course - instead she weaves a realistic tale, dealing with a true-to-life issue in a realistic way. I really enjoyed this sweet story. It's definitely worth reading
Okay, your turn. Please read Clue into Kindness and leave a review. Ask yourself the question, "What would I do?" Or if you are in the situation, "What am I doing?"

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