Sunday, February 21, 2016

Gay's Days. The Last Sunday

Good morning friends,

I'm on my way to church and I'm a bit sad. Actually a better word to describe the way I feel is bittersweet.

You see, this is the last Sunday our tiny church will own our property, buildings and facilities.  After today, we will be guests in our former dwelling.

Our little church grows smaller in a declining area. A larger group approached us about buying the property. They can't meet in our facility on Sunday morning...they are too large. They bought over twenty acres on the freeway, closer to Houston, but they need a small facility for office space. Our facilities can reach that need. They'll also use our buildings as training centers for smaller gatherings.

Our church has been owned by a small congregation of one hundred people since the mid 1950's, and we've seen many come and go...mostly in their casket and on to the cemetery. Replacements are hard to come by. Most people prefer the large churches with big bands.

The buy-out says we can use the facilities for five years. That's a good thing. Another good thing is that we will have no expenses, so monies given to the Lord through our congregation will be used for missions or for a relocation.

So it is a bittersweet moment. Sad that our church faces this change, but sweet that we can continue in our spot with a new look toward the future.

Enough about that. Now....for a lighter, funnier article.

My friend and editor, Delia Latham,  is happy to feel like an idiot.

Have you ever felt blessed with relief to be an idiot? I have. Many times. Read her cute story. You might learn what not to do.

Blessings everyone! Smile today to that lonely person in the pew.

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