Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gay's Days. Thinking about Kindness

Good morning friends,

I welcomed a cooler morning today. Whew! I'm not looking forward to Houston hot. The thought of summer annoys me. My morning slipped by yesterday and I didn't exercise. I remedied that this morning. At 5:30 am, I walked two miles. If possible, I'm going to a jazz class later. I want those three pounds I gained gone. When the heat arrives, I'll have to go to the gym. That's a thirty minute drive each way. Yuk. Driving in the Houston area takes time.

Traffic's gonna get worse in my area because authorities plan to widen the main road I travel. They also plan to make part of it a toll way.
Do you find it difficult to be kind sometimes? Boy! I do. I often speak before I think and my blunt words harm another person's feelings.
I've been feeling a bit blue because my latest book, Clue into Kindness, has been slow to receive reviews, but then, lo and behold, two came in! Readers bless writers with reviews, and they have no idea how much a review encourages an author.
Here's one left on Amazon
"This book was a 5 star book at my house. I identified with the feelings of the character. Personally, I have never been treated unkindly by my husband but I have seen the pain caused by such insecurities. I think anyone reading this book would and should be personally involved in re-evaluating their behavior and the reaction it has on people around them. This book was an easy read. Once I started reading I did not want to stop until I knew the characters would resolve their problems. I admired the fact the young lady's commitment was greater than her desire for wealth and fame. I think it would be easy for readers to change gender roles in order to see themselves in this book. I would even say this book should be a must read for young or old couples."  B Wright
Then another review popped up on Readers' Favorite.
Reviewed by for Readers' Favorite

"Gay N. Lewis' Clue into Kindness is a story about Georgia, a woman who loves her husband, but he often says things that make her feel sad. He doesn't think before he speaks; then situations arise where he does things that embarrass Georgia or her friends. Georgia is a kind woman and always tries to avoid situations where her husband verbally abuses her. Her kindness goes above and beyond to keep the peace with her husband, but she always feels like she is walking on egg shells! Even her friends do not like him.

Her life and situation change after attending a party at her father-in-law's house. Her husband Alan hears some home truths about his behaviour from his friends during the party. Hearing these things about his behaviour, he tries hard to mend his ways. But could it be too late for Georgia to accept his willingness to change? Especially after the years of verbal abuse she experienced? It is an arduous task indeed for her. Do we love unconditionally? Georgia certainly did, and even when temptation comes her way she is steadfast and loyal towards her husband. She firmly believes that kindness will overcome anything presented to her.

Gay N. Lewis' Clue into Kindness illustrates from Corinthians 1:13 that "love is kind." This is certainly not a romantic novella, but a story of the struggle of love and the power of love to overcome adversity, like a husband who can be cruel in what he says. Verbal abuse is not and should not be acceptable anywhere, and certainly not in marriage. Georgia shows utmost kindness to this, and Gay N. Lewis is adept at describing how Georgia feels and the ultimate changes that her husband would/should go through. A heartrending and well written story."
These two readers showed kindness to me with their reviews and their words encouraged me to keep writing.
A kindness given is a Godly thing.
Sometimes a smile is all a stranger needs.
It's a small gift to give.

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