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Sarah at Christmas

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gay's Days February 1, 2015

I drove to the Austin, TX area on Thursday and came back yesterday (Saturday) My family who lives there missed the gathering at Christmas. My son-in-law was in the hospital Christmas Day, so that knocked them out of coming. He battles cancer, but he looked good yesterday.

I gave everyone some sort of angel for Christmas. Wonder why? Could it be because I write about Sarah, my dyslexic angel character from The Heavenlies who comes to earth to help humans?

Hmmm. Must be the answer.  I gave this night light to my granddaughter. She loves my books and can hardly wait for one to appear.  I took her the newest one, Sarah and Three Times a Charm, but it got lost somewhere in the chaos. I'll send her another by mail.

Here's her picture. Isn't she pretty?

The Book that didn't make it on the trip.