Friday, February 13, 2015

Gay's Days Valentine Event

Good morning everyone.

The special event I've been waiting for is here!  Prism Book Group celebrates Valentine's Day with a huge sale.  You can find our FB event at this link.

I'll be hosting the 5:00 hour CST. I live in Texas and like Sarah my fictional angel, I am a bit dyslexic. I keep reminding myself of that time. Others are thinking in terms of EST, MST and PST.  Subtracting and adding hours gets a bit confusing, doesn't it?
Sarah: Laney's Angel, is reduced for today only.  It's normally $3.99, but today you can purchase the eBook for .99. I'd buy it! Oh wait! I already did.  Yes, I purchase my own books so I can have them on my Kindle and other electronic devices. I read them and also listen to them while I walk.
I'll be giving away a free copy of my latest release. Come by and leave a comment for a chance to win.

I'll also give an angel pair of earrings. The picture doesn't do them justice. They are silver with sparkly bling. Sarah enjoys them.  Me too.
See you at 5:00!

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