Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gay's Days February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

How do you plan to spend the day and evening? Is Valentine's a favorite time for you?

Growing up as a child, I hated this day. I never won the competition for who got the most cards.

I like the occasion now. I have a wonderful husband who is kind and caring.

We celebrated last night with a drive to the Houston Galleria for dinner at Del Frisco's. Oh my! The crowd was unbelievable, but then the traffic and people are always numerous at the Galleria--day or night.

The food was good but expensive. We only go to places such as that in a blue moon, and I can't remember the last time the moon turned blue.

We started out with crab cakes. I love those delicacies, and these were excellent. Years ago, my sister had I lunched at Neiman Marcus and enjoyed their crab cakes. Neiman Marcus, in my opinion, still rates number one with crab cakes.

Salad was good, and the steak and au gratin potatoes to follow were wonderful. The service was perfect, and I enjoyed the dinner with my date. He planned it well.

When time came to leave for the Galleria, I felt a bit rushed. Yesterday was busy--spent it at the Facebook Valentine Event. My hostess hour finished at 6:00 our time and reservations were for 7:15. We called the restaurant to tell them we would be about ten minutes late.  We live some 57 miles from the Galleria, and with traffic? Merciful heavens! (As Sarah would say)

The FB Valentine Event was fun. A lot of readers took advantage of the sale for Sarah: Laney's Angel. If  you haven't a copy, you might still find it at the sale price on Amazon or B & N.

.99 on Amazon
Check before purchase. Price will soon change.
I gave away angel earrings that my friend Vicki Caine made and sent me for that purpose. Scroll down and read the interview I had with Vicki. She has an awesome new release. Not Bound by Time.

Aren't these pretty? Wish you could see them in  person.
Here's her book.
I also gave a copy of Sarah and Three Times a Charm.
I hope this day is a sweet one for you!
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