Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gay's Days, February 19, 2015

Good morning friends,

The morning in Houston is off to a grand start. The high should be about 62 F this afternoon. Sunny skies and gorgeous weather. I wish everyone in Boston could escape to Texas for a few days.

I'm going outside to sit on the screened porch and drink a fresh cup of coffee. Want to join me? I'd love to meet you.

Trees are beginning to bud, but they are out a bit early. We'll have another cold snap, but it won't last long.

I received a wonderful gift this morning from Jacqueline Hopper, an editor with Prism Book Group. She's also an excellent writer. Have you read her book, The Gingerbread House? If not, you should.

Here's what she made me.  Isn't she talented?

Sarah: Laney's Angel and Sarah and the Widow's Mate are still on sale for .99 on Amazon
Jacqueline's book is on sale too.

If you are snowed in, or just enjoying a beautiful day, you can't go wrong with these books at these prices.  See you tomorrow!

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