Monday, February 2, 2015

Gay's Days February 2, 2015

Yesterday's Super Bowl is now history.

Richard Sherman's baby remained in tact. The unborn baby boy will be proud of mom. She carried him to the game and will show the tot videos one day when he's old enough to appreciate them. All the hype leading up to his birth created a storm.  If the baby came early, would Sherman be at the hospital? Or would Sherman be on the field? Bets were made.

He played.

Baby's mom watched from the stands.

Sherman's team, the Seattle Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots. The defeat had nothing to do with Sherman or the baby. Someone issued a bad call for the Seahawks down on the one yard line.


Sherman posted a tasteful tweet after the game.

"Thank you God for giving us the opportunity....
That's all you can ask for....Thank you everyone for the support all year."

We attended a party held at the neighbor's house. Lots of food. About fifty people. Some watched the entire game, and others visited with each other.  I did a bit of both.
All guests turned to the television set when the National Anthem was sung. We all stood. Many of us placed hands over our hearts. And when the jets flew over during the phrase, "the home of the brave," we all clapped.
I was probably the only one who grew watery eyed. Stuff like that does it to me.
The halftime was amazing.
I love the commercials. Due to hanging tight in the kitchen, I missed my favorites. The Clydesdales. 
Hubby and I walked across the street to our house and watched the final moments. The evening was fun, and our neighbors hosted an excellent party.
Today...back to work.  I'm going to try to make Yoga later, and then in the afternoon I have book club.
Somewhere along the way, I need to write about 1500 words to make up for the last two days when I wrote none. My deadline, March 31st will be soon. That's when Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island is due.
Sarah is in a mess on the cruise ship. Poor thing. I almost feel sorry for her.
Until tomorrow, have a blessed day.

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