Friday, November 17, 2017

More on the Plate Than You Can Eat

Lots of food. Delicious, but sometimes the restaurant serving is too large and I bring it home in a take-out box.

Do you ever feel like is like that?  Too much to chew at one time. Where's the box for leftovers? Could we shove some into a refrigerator for a later date?

I'm not just talking about Thanksgiving here. That's a meal we overload our plate. I'm talking day to day living.

Circumstances don't always give us a doggy bag. Sometimes we must finish what's on our plates, all those busy, stressful details, whether we're full or not, like it or not.

About the time I think my plate is ready for the dishwasher, someone piles more food on it, and it's items that must be finished.

You probably feel the same way. Stressed and stuffed.

But we must keep eating.

Remember that old adage? God doesn't give you more than you can handle?  Or in my analogy more on my plate than I can chew.

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