Saturday, November 4, 2017

An Amazing Fan


I love them. They make air go around.
There's all kinds. 
Old ones. 
New ones

Ceiling ones

Hand-held ones. 

Ladies carried pretty ones in purses.

These fans were seen often in churches as preachers dripped sweat and yelled out sermons. Perhaps they thought the hot weather needed a loud lecture.  Men used a sturdier variety.

They wafted the air with one provided by a local business and usually left in it in the pew, ready to use the next Sunday.

People are fans.

 Groups gather to cheer for a team.

 I have a big fan. 

She buys my books and sends them to me to sign.
Even encloses a self-stamped addressed envelope.

She's bought and sent me every paper back novel I've ever written. I'm always thrilled to have someone want my autograph.

That's my favorite kind of fan.

Meet Dawn Heitman Southard

I wish I had more just like her. She's a special lady.

She included a little poem in the package.

It's finally arrived
And I'm ready to read
As soon as you sign
I'll be happy indeed.

She sent Mattie's Choice

Thanks Dawn. You are a true inspiration. 

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