Thursday, November 16, 2017

I Took A Selfie

After looking at my selfie, I realize I should have started my diet sooner.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I'm in big trouble.

The heroine in this book is a beauty queen but her hubby tells her she's fat and she believes it. She goes into great lengths to be fit and not fat. My hubby never says an unkind thing to me, but I know some who do. We all have days when we feel yucky. Right ladies? We're hard enough on ourselves. We don't need help from others.

Blurb for Clue into Kindness

Georgia loves her husband, Alan. She shows him kindness with actions and words, but Alan responds in a heartless, selfish way. To receive respect and admiration from people, he believes he must have a perfect wife—so he criticizes Georgia at every opportunity—even tells her she’s fat! Alan’s best friend Ken and his wife Jana reassure Georgia that she remains the gorgeous beauty queen she was during her college days. Who will Georgia believe—her friends or the mysterious, handsome stranger who comes into her life?

Circumstances bring a change to Alan’s attitude. But is it too late to save this marriage?

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