Thursday, November 30, 2017

Just in Time for Christmas

This Christmas book is on sale!  It is reduced to less than 1/2 price. Now that's a deal. It went from $2.99 to .99! What have you got to loose? Try it. Sarah will make you laugh out loud.

I just reread it a few days ago, and even thought I wrote it, I enjoyed reading it.  How about those apples?  I didn't remember a few of the phrases or incidents, and when I read them, I chucked out loud.

Sarah, the klutzy angel, is off on another adventure! I really enjoy the Sarah stories, and this tale did not disappoint. Not only was it full of the lighthearted, slapstick humor that has made me a fan of the series, but it was also full of commonsense advice. I love how the story demonstrated that the worst day of a person’s life can actually lead to incredible blessing. I had lots of fun reading this story! -- By Rocky Mountain reviews, Amazon

I love the antics that Sara finds herself in, truth to be told it would probably happen to a lot of us! Sweet Sara always keeps us either laughing or wondering what mess she is going to get into again and this book had both. Another great Angel story Ms Lewis.--A Kindle customer, Amazon
Here's a blurb.

Emily experiences the worst day of her life and leaves Dallas for Austin. At a convenience store, she meets a granny who asks for a ride. The "granny" is really Sarah, a mishap angel. Sarah's task is to comfort Emily and introduce her to a Texas cowboy. Sarah has no idea what a cowboy is, but she's on the job. It's Christmas, and Gale of the Four Winds, (another angel) blows in a bizarre Texas blizzard. After removing a few doodads from the engine, she strands Emily and herself. Josiah, the Texas cowboy sans his horse, comes to the rescue and takes them to the ranch. Sarah manages to create romance between the two but wonders how she'll return to the Heavenlies. Oops! She forgot God answers prayer. She calls on Him for assistance, and He sends Tomas, another angel. Tomas arrives as a tottering old man, driving a muscle car. The two angels drive away from the couple and leave the humans with eyes as big as salad plates. 

Who can resist a sexy, rich, Texas cowboy?   You'll fall in love with Josiah. 

Now Only .99

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