Monday, November 13, 2017

How's Your Bed?



They often display where a relationship stands. Or lies.

Beds are a part of life. Day and Night. Beautiful, made-up beds might show orderliness. No chaos. Neat. Clean. No fuss. No mess. That can be good. 

On the other hand, the classy, beautiful, bed might represent a cold, boring, marriage. One where the partners don't care about delving deeper deeper under the sheets.

Bed, Sheets, Pillows, Bedroom

How about a messy bed? Maybe an untidy arrangement of linens. As if the couple explored all there is to know about each other and loved every minute of it. 

Of course it might be the other way around, They went to bed angry with each other and tossed and turned all night.

Mattresses can be too hard. Too soft. Too squeaky. Too hot. Too cold.  Too lumpy. Too painful. Some of this sound like marriage? If so, you're getting my analogy.

Personally, I prefer a sagging know, the one where the mattress sags in the middle? 

Bed, Heart, Love, Peace, Lie, Honeymoon, Bedroom

I believe a couple can meet in the middle of most issues
 and solve their differences.

You can't solve issues in separate beds.

Marriage takes work.
And a good night's sleep.
With two people sharing the bed.

Break, Rest, Relaxation, Recovery

Goodnight y'all. Sleep tight.

Faith and Humor

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