Saturday, May 27, 2017

When You Don't Know What to Pray

Have you ever had difficult, sad issues 
and didn't know what to pray? 

Most of us have, and if we haven't, those times will come. I'm in the middle of three problems right now. They're major to me and they make me sad.

1. If you've read other blog posts, you know our young, adult daughter has dementia. We had to place her in an assisted living home this past Tuesday. It's temporary, for a month, but she doesn't understand temporary.  She sobbed until she couldn't catch a breath. This young lady once was super smart, but now she doesn't understand the concept of time. Simple things like dressing is beyond her. Her husband died last year, and her kids can't help. While she's there, we must get her house ready for a caregiver to move in with her. She doesn't understand that either. 

I don't know what to pray about this situation.

2. The church my husband pastors is dying. This breaks our heart. Why is it going away? I could give lots of reasons. It's old. Traditional. Poor location. It's been our place of service and we love the members and the church. The situation is heart breaking. 

I don't know what to pray about this situation.

3. My latest book, Mattie's Choice. Will it see the light of day? I have no idea. I've worked on this book for years. Powers beyond me are in control, and I don't know which power is working harder. Either God wants it, and His adversary doesn't, or God doesn't want it and He's working against it. I don't know the answer.

The publisher designed a wonderful cover and I love it. My original editor and I finished our edits and I thought it was done. Oops! Wrong.  Another editor came along and wants to undo and rewrite a great deal of the book. I'm sick, literally throw up sick. 

I don't know what to pray about this situation.

On my walk this morning, I decided to pray the only thing that came to mind for these three situations.


Then I prayed for courage and peace as I accept His will.

I'm afraid I won't like the outcome. Jesus didn't want the cross, but prayed the same prayer and submitted to the Father.

I need peace and courage to accept God's will.

The outcome for dementia patients is sober. The demise of our church is sad. If Mattie's Choice gets published, it won't be the same book I wrote, the book of my heart. If it doesn't get published, I'm not sure how I'll feel. Depressed and angry is a good guess. And the doubts! I thought I was helping God with this story. If He's the One rejecting it, I'm sorrowful beyond measure.

These three reasons are why I need peace and courage
But in all these matters, I trust Romans 8:28.

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