Thursday, May 11, 2017

Land Line or Cell?

How about this for a phone?  
It's so old, it looks modern.  Maybe something ET would use to phone home.

Did you know cell phones now outnumber landlines? There will soon be a day when a landline doesn't exist.  Just more telephone poles.

The landscape will be prettier, but where will the birds sit to converse?

These booths are gone. Remember when it was fun to see how many people could get into one phone booth?  You never tried that? You missed some real touching, legitimate and otherwise. Also a lot of giggling.

Telephone, Booth, Red, Retro, Britain

Iphone, Smartphone, Apps, Apple Inc

I have a smart phone. 
I wish I knew how to use all the wizardry on it.

There was something about old phones. I miss them, but I like the new ones too.

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