Monday, May 15, 2017

Prom Time

I see attractive, young couples on Facebook leaving for prom. They've spent hours and gobs of money preparing for the event.

Do you remember yours?  What did you wear? Who did you go with?

I can't find my pictures. They are around here somewhere. I had three big events. I wore white on the first and third and yellow on the second one.

The yellow, strapless monstrosity was similar to the one below.  Yards and yards of yucky yellow, but I thought it was beautiful.

What would you choose? Strapless? Bling?

Mackenzie and her friend had fun shopping, but Mackenzie planned to take her dress back. She didn't expect a date.

I went to a large high school and interviewed a lot of teens for this book. They were an amazing group. Several planned to wear black with lots of bling.

Mackenzie is shy and not into bling. In fact, she plans to forget dating and guys altogether. She wants to be a socialite, but she thinks boys don't like her. A few bully her.

In comes Sarah to the rescue.  This is a fun and inspirational story, suitable for all ages. Even if you're way passed your prom days, you'll enjoy the memories.

Mackenzie chose a pink dress, pink shoes, and she looked like a princess.

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