Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sheep and Goats

The Almighty will one day separate the sheep from the goats. They often dwell together. 

Years ago, I was filming the movie, Psalms for the Mountains. I drove from Brownwood, Texas to Waco.  Brownwood is in the northern foothills of the Texas Hill Country. I came upon a hilltop and below me was a lush, green pasture filled with sheep. It was the perfect 23rd Psalm. I spend weeks convincing the property owner a film crew wouldn't hurt his land. He finally agreed. The day I filmed his land and sheep is forever forged in my memory. So is Psalm 23.

The property owner hadn't given much thought to the Psalm. 

For those of us familiar with the passage, it would be impossible not to think of it as we gazed upon the scene.

Sheep and goats. 

I'm with the sheep. You?

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