Monday, May 1, 2017

Just Checking in on You. How's It Going?

Hello out there!

I'm looking in on you. What are you doing today?

The weather is absolutely perfect here in the Houston area. We're all talking about it. A cool day on May 1 is a rare thing, but no one is complaining.

We had a great day at church yesterday. Did you? Our little congregation ate pizza together after worship. I'm writing a Sarah novella, and Chef Andrew from The Heavenlies, is furnishing Sarah with fish and vegetables. She'd prefer pizza or cheeseburgers.

I walked early this morning and no gnats found me. If you read an earlier post, you know how I detest those little varmints but they love me.  I applied vanilla and smelled like a sugar cookie and they left me alone. I guess they don't like cookies.

The novella I'm writing is about Santa and Sarah. I'm having fun with this Christmas fantasy. Nicholas (Nick) Cringle is to take up his father’s toy business in two years. He has a few problems. He must have a wife, and he hates cold weather.  

Sarah plans to help him find a wife, but not without a few mishaps along the way. You know Sarah. She can't help it.

Have you read any of my Sarah books? If you want a chuckle, she'll give you one.  You don't need to read them in order, but if you want to start with the first one, here it is.

This book is available in eBook, print, and audio. I love audio books. They're great for travel. The reader of my Sarah books does a great job. 

People often ask me which of my Sarah books is my favorite. And that's a difficult one to answer. They're like my children, all equal. 

2.99 on Amazon
Available in eBook, print, and audio

I have a special fondness for book number two. It's not only fantasy, romance, and Christian, it's also suspense. This story started out without Sarah, but I rewrote it and placed my quirky angel in it. For some reason, it's priced lower than the first book. I don't deal with pricing, the publisher does. I think they made a mistake with the dollar amount, but hey! It's at a good price for the consumer.

Here's two reviews on it. Both are five stars.

"Sarah stories are like potato chips... You are not satisfied with just one. What is not to love about these heartwarming tales of a heavenly, but very human-like, bumbling angel out to help couples fall in love?" -A reader

"This book has it all--romance, humor, mystery, and suspense! The zany little angel named Sarah will make you smile, laugh, grin, and shake your head. Yet there were serious passages that gripped my heart also. I found the description of the (invisible to us) angels worshiping right along with a human congregation to be touching. It makes me wonder who's on the roof on Sunday morning?? Rarely do I enjoy the second book in a series more than the first, but that's the case with "Laney's Angel". I also like the fact that, even though the "Sarah" books are a series, they can be read in any order. If you're looking for a lighthearted yet sometimes thought-provoking read, I definitely recommend this one!" -Carlene

Okay, I'll close for today. Sarah needs help with Santa, so I'd better go help her.

Enjoy your day.


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