Sunday, November 27, 2016

Whew! Made it again!

This disguise saved me from the oven again this year.

Every year I masquerade as a fake turkey. I end up on the table, but no one knows I'm a real bird. I'm a decoration.

Disguises are amazing. Aren't they?

Gay is about to put me in the yard and take out Christmas displays. Sometimes I hang around in this get-up so she won't get the idea to fry me for Christmas dinner.

It sure is a relief to make it through another Thanksgiving--still alive. Now to get through Christmas.

Gay's friend and angel, Sarah, uses camouflage all the time. She's appeared as an angel figurine on a Christmas tree in past episodes, but she's never been a turkey.  She's donned some mighty peculiar human cover-ups.  Have you read any of Sarah's adventures yet? You'll find Gay's books on her Amazon Author Page. Gay specializes in faith and humor.

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