Monday, November 21, 2016

What's on your menu?

What's on your menu for Thanksgiving?

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I'm making my grocery list today. Sweet potatoes will not be on the list.

Oh, we love them, baked and spread with butter. Hubby especially enjoys them candied, but they aren't on the menu this year.

The nearby daughter will bring ham, green bean casserole, and a pie. I'm guessing it will be from the Goode Company. They have several Houston locations, and their pecan pie is famous.

If you haven't eaten a bite of this delectable dessert, you're missing a huge treat. They ship. If it's too late to get yours for Thanksgiving, Christmas is around the corner.

As for the rest of the food on our table, I'll bake chicken (we shun the traditional turkey), fry apples and onions, mash potatoes and maybe prepare a sweet corn casserole.  I'll probably add an additional side, but there's only a few of us, so our feast can be on the smaller side. My contribution for the dessert table is lemon ice box pie. It will take me a year to remove the pounds that pie adds to my frame.

I've been busy telling you about my latest Sarah book, so now I've got to hurry up with Thanksgiving prep. That means cleaning the house, shopping, and cooking.

When the company leaves and you settle down for a nap, pick up my book. Sarah will bring a smile to your face.  The Sarah series is available in print, eBook, and some are on audio. You can quickly purchases an online copy at any of your fav online sites.  Here's my Amazon page. Check out the Sarah books and try one. 

Here I am at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. So much fun to see Sarah on the shelf.

My Amazon page shows my books, but you can get them in other locations.

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