Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Texas Hill Country Ranch

Last summer while I was writing Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady, the picture below of a home in the Texas Hill Country popped up on my Facebook page. It fit my story perfectly. Read the excerpt below as I describe Sarah and Emily see a ranch similar to this for the first time. In the story, Texas is in the middle of a rare snow and ice storm in central part of the state. I think sitting at this fireplace, bundled in blankets and drinking hot chocolate with a sexy cowboys would be sooooo romantic. Don't you?



Josiah pulled into a narrow asphalt lane. After he progressed in a safe manner for about a half mile, a magnificent house with a circular, concrete drive came into view. With the porch and yard lights blazing, Sarah could see a covered veranda built completely around the exterior. The porch would welcome rocking chair conversations—in better weather, of course.
From her position in the backseat, Sarah determined the house was large and had at least one room upstairs, but the majority of the home was on one level. Although sight conditions remained inadequate, Sarah surmised a large portion of land accompanied the house.
This cowboy must have big bucks.

“We’re home.” Josiah parked the truck on the circular drive. “I’m going to take you ladies inside, introduce you to Grandmother, and then I’ll come back to park the truck in the garage.”

Sarah and Emily trailed Josiah into a room behind the art gallery. A huge stone fireplace took up most of the space on the vestibule divider’s wall. Sarah drifted close to the cozy hearth while Emily inspected the rest of the magnificent chamber. The ceiling soared two stories and the room was filled with comfortable, brown leather furniture. The far glass wall opposite the fireplace had double doors opening to a courtyard. With the exterior light blazing, a tile floor and another wood burning fireplace could be seen highlighting the covered patio.


Sarah's assignment is to bring comfort to Emily who lost her job and fiance all in one day. She also needs to create a romance between Emily and the cowboy, Josiah. Here another excerpt.

Emily sighed. “This has been the worst day of my life—oddest too.” Her face contorted into a grimace. “My car isn’t in the best of shape. Estella was stranded as she waited for a bus. I thought there was safety in numbers, so I invited her to ride with me.”
Josiah gave a low whistle. “Estella seems harmless, but I doubt she could help much if danger came along." 
“Well, anyway, I mentioned I was going to Austin at a gas station. Estella heard me and requested a ride.”
“A perfect stranger in a store? Even though she looks harmless, you picked up someone who might hurt you and took her in?”
Emily choked as if a bite of food obstructed her breathing. “You did the same thing. In fact, you are letting us—two perfect strangers—sleep under your roof.”
Josiah chuckled. “I guess I did. Touché.”
“Besides, does Estella look as though she’s a mob boss for a gang of criminals?”
Josiah titled his head back, placed thumbs in his pockets, and narrowed his eyes. He seemed to be picturing Estella as a hooligan, and then he laughed heartily. “I see your point. No, that image doesn’t fit her. But she seems a little daffy at times—like asking me if I’d been kicked in the head by one of my horses.”
In midair above their heads, Sarah tapped her tiny foot. Ugh. Can I help it if I don’t understand all the phrases you humans use? She didn’t know much about human occupations either. What was a mob boss?
“She says strange things, but I assume it is because she’s from a different generation than we are. Would you believe she doesn’t know how to drive?”
Emily absently rubbed her bare finger. “I think she’s just a sweet, older lady who hasn’t matured and doesn’t know all things adult.”
Josiah touched Emily’s shoulder. “Or maybe she’s from another planet.”

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