Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cowboys and Angels

Cowboys and Angels

Do they mix?

Not when the angel is named Sarah.

Here's an excerpt. In this scene, Sarah is disguised as an elderly grandmother. She and her charge, Emily, have stopped at a convenience store on their way from Dallas to Austin. She sees a cowboy talking to the cashier. An ice storm is approaching. Sarah  decides he might be the right cowboy for Emily.

Sarah lifted her scrutiny to the towering cowboy. “I’ve never met a cowboy before, and I assume you are one. What do cowboys do? Ride cows?”
Cowboy grinned. “No. I’m not a bull rider. I’m a rancher. I spend time on horseback when I round up cattle around the spread. I also barrel race in the local rodeo.”
“Sounds dangerous. Has a horse ever kicked you in the head?”
Cowboy and cashier laughed.
“No, ma’am. Do I look or sound as if a horse kicked me in the head?”
Sarah gestured with her right hand. “No. No. Didn’t mean that. The thought recently came to me that a man might die that way. Truth be told, I’ve never been around horses, but I saw one from above once. The animal lifted his rear and tried to throw the rider off.”
“They do that until you break them.”
“Huh? What’s that ya say? God wouldn’t approve of you breaking a creature’s bones or other body parts. That’s not nice.”
Cowboy and cashier chuckled again.
“No, ma’am. No worries. It’s a term. A trainer begins a lengthy process when the horse is a foal. Once the colt grows confident with people, a man then mounts and rides. In a way, the horse’s fear is broken or removed—not his bones.”
Sarah placed a hand on her cheek. “Oh pshaw! How about that? I’ve got a few fears I’d like broken. Could a horse trainer work with me?” She closed one eye. “On the other hand, the Almighty has the power to break and mold me—I just don’t allow Him to do it too often.”
Cowboy and cashier glanced at each other as if to say, “We’re talking to a real piece of work with this little granny.”

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