Sunday, November 13, 2016


We honored our Vets on Veteran's Day this past Friday. Let's continue to remember the living ones in prayer, and give thanks to the ones who've gone on to their eternal rest. Without the men and women in uniform, our country wouldn't enjoy life as we know it.

My Mom and Dad
Platoon Sargent Edward Earl Morton and Jeanette Morton

This picture was taken before they knew I'd come along. I hope I brightened their lives when I arrived.

My dad survived the Normandy Invasion. He never talked about it. Most vets don't give details of their service. War is too gruesome.

Dad always possessed a fantastic sense of direction. One of his assignments was to get his platoon to a certain town in France. He memorized the concordants and then destroyed the map. If caught, the enemy didn't need to know the plans of the platoon.

Mom was totally opposite. She had absolutely no sense of route. I inherited her ability. The angel I write about, Sarah, has none either. I find it easy to write about Sarah based on my mother's and my experiences. We were always lost.

I suppose my mother's brother had no directional ability either. Dad once drove my mom and her brother from Texas to Alabama. He had no need of a map, he just possessed that innate sense of knowing where he was going. At one point in the wee hours of morning, he grew tired. He pulled over and told his brother-in-law, "stay on this road while I sleep a few hours."

He awoke later and asked, "where are we?" Mom answered, "We're just now coming into Jackson Mississippi."  Dad responded, "XXXX. That's where I pulled over and let you have the wheel." He was in the Army, but he knew a few words a sailor might use. Brother and sister had driven in a circle...absolutely lost.

Mom fought hard all her life to weigh one hundred pounds. I didn't inherit her metabolism. Dad had platinum hair from the time he was a teen. I inherited that.

The Presidential election is over, and thanks to our vets, we can vote. I've often wondered who my dad would've voted for this past week had he been alive. I think I know, but I'm not sure.

One thing I'm certain of. He would be displeased to see citizens rioting in the streets and burning the flag. He and his men went through hell to make sure we had freedom, but that freedom shouldn't include disrespect for due process and laws.

Thanks Dad.

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