Thursday, November 17, 2016

Meet Pedro

Meet Pedro

Pedro inspired my cowboy story. 

Sarah and the Cowboy's Lady

Pedro, owned by Marsha Jane Lewis and Forreal Farms, was once sick...very sick. We didn't know if he'd make it. Marsha posted daily updates on Facebook, and his fans prayed and rooted for Pedro. I think you'll love this book based on a real horse named Pedro.  

Hallelujah! He is now well.

Photo by Marsha Jane Lewis
Zoe on Pedro

Marsha Jane Lewis, Ruby, Zoe
Photo by Jennifer Rudolph Photography

Marsha Jane Lewis, Kirk Lewis, Ruby, Zoe
Photo by Marsha Jane Lewis of Forreal Farms

Photo Forreal Farms

When Prism Book Group asked me to do a cowboy Christmas story, Pedro came to mind. I fell in love with this beautiful horse via Marsha's Facebook posts. He is now a vital part of cowboy Josiah's ranch.

Animals can see and hear things we don't. Sarah, the goofy angel I write about, didn't know this. She flew too close to Pedro's nose to admire him. Oops! Pedro didn't care much for the idea of a winged angel flying near his nostrils. He, along with his companion horse Pablo, raised a ruckus. One like Josiah, the cowboy, had never seen before.

Sarah had. She causes havoc where ever she goes. She's used to causing trouble.

Do you think Pedro will ever learn to like Sarah?

Check out Forreal Farm's Facebook page. Dr. Marsha Jane Lewis has a lot to offer anyone who loves horses. Dr. Kirk Lewis is a renowned veterinarian in Austin. Ruby and Zoe love animals as much as their parents. Marsha helped me write about horses, and you'll find more information about her and the family on the acknowledgment page.

I have a feeling that when Josiah and Emily marry (the characters in my story), they will name their two little girls Ruby and Zoe. What's your guess?  

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