Friday, March 6, 2015

Gay's Days March 6, 2015

Greetings from Fulshear, TX.

My address continues as Fulshear, TX, but in truth, my area incorporated into a city a few years ago. We actually live in Weston Lakes, but I kept the Fulshear address. Who wants to make friends and relatives change their address books? Not me. I say keep life simple.  Fulshear is an ancient family name (not family never acquired wealth) and it is pronounced Full Sure.

We have a mild wind today in this little city west of Houston. Yesterday the gusts punched the face with force and almost blew my makeup off.

We woke to sunshine and freezing temps this morning. This is the day I must renew my walking as a means of exercise. I've been neglecting it. Too cold. Too rainy. Too busy.  Once I get out of the know how it goes.

I'm thrilled Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island is now at the publisher. I'm eager to see how the designer will portray the cover. The title is long. Perhaps too long. Prism Book Group uses an excellent artist, and I'm sure the cover will be eye catching. That's one design chore I don't want.

Sarah, the dyslexic angel from The Heavenlies, is afraid of water and petitions the Superiors for another assignment. She has no desire to travel on a ship. Her request goes like this.

     “Help. Couldn’t you send another angel for this mission? One who acted more like the human Noah? He stayed on the arc while the whole earth flooded. How about someone comparable to Jonah? Waves tossing about didn’t bother him—he slept during a raging storm.” Sarah drew her brows together. “That is until the sailors on the ship threw him overboard.” Sarah grimaced. “Then that huge fish swallowed him.”

And of course, Sarah experiences her fair share of blunders. The poor thing. She's always in the wrong place at the right time. Here's an excerpt with a man in a department store. After entering the men's dressing room by mistake, she hears a male voice.
Oh, sorry, didn’t know anyone occupied this space. Isn’t this the men’s dressing room? No matter.” He flapped his hand. “I’ll step into the one next door. I guess these days even the department stores have gone unisex with their restrooms and clothing areas. My son lives in a co-ed dorm. Men and women can share just about everything. After I get my trousers on, can you give me your opinion on how they fit?”

“Uh…oh… ah…sure. Just let me know when you are fully dressed.” Sarah glanced at her face in the mirror—it appeared a lovely shade of red. Now why hadn’t she remembered about the men’s department when she sashayed into this dressing area? She slapped her forehead. Talk about a dunce.

“Thanks.” The man disappeared and she could hear him talking in the next compartment. “I’m about ready. Do you want to come in here, or should I come over there?”

My stars! Tell a fellow if his slacks were tailored adequately? She doubted that would ever appear in her job description. Why-oh-why did she get into the wrong place and have a man ask such a question anyway? How many times should she expect this blunder at review?

Sarah vanished from sight, but not before she heard the gentleman call out. “Miss? Miss? Are you there? I’ve got my pants on.”
Can you tell I had fun writing these scenes? Humor keeps us sane. At least that's what I tell myself.

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