Monday, March 16, 2015

Back from vacation

We're home!

After a week of vacation, we returned, and I must say, our house was a welcome site.

We left Houston in a blinding rain, and the stuff stayed with us  all the way to Fort Worth.  I helped hubby watch the road and both of us were amazed when a truck ahead of us seemed to disappear. Impossible to see it clearly, but one minute we saw the thing, and then we didn’t. We still don’t know what happened to it. This picture doesn't do the rain justice.
Lots of wrecks, but after about five hours, we arrived safely.

We checked into the Riley Center at the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth.  The Riley Center is a conference complex with multiple meeting rooms, a gigantic, two block long lobby with beautiful furniture, and fifty-five hotel rooms. When it originally opened, only former students or current church staff people could register to stay at the hotel, but the rooms are now available to the public. We always qualified…hubby graduated from Southwestern with a Masters in Divinity.  Seven other family members received post grad degrees from Southwestern.  I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but our family is never at a loss for a preacher. LOL.

Picture of the Riley Center
While in Fort Worth, we planned to visit friends and family. Two people joined us for a meal that we hadn’t seen in thirty years. Wow! I wonder if they thought we’d changed as much as they had. Don’t you know they discovered we had too? Time does that to all of us.

My sister provided a delicious meal…similar to one of our mom’s. She picked up the culinary skill, and so far, I haven’t. My sweetie never complains.
Donna and Gay

I met Nancy when I was six, and we’ve been friends ever since. Even though she lives in the DFW area, I see her frequently. She  attended me at our wedding as my matron-of-honor. We hadn’t seen Jack, hubby’s best man, in years. A feather could have knocked us over when he arrived sporting a Duck Dynasty beard. Nothing about him looked familiar. Bill was a staff member years ago. He’s still a tall, thin guy. Hubby is short…almost a foot difference in their height. When these two served together, they both had black hair. Bill still has a crop of gray, but hubby has little left.
Gay and Nancy
                                        Jack and Paul                          Bill and Paul

We had fun visiting with these dear people and hope to see more of them in the future.
After leaving Fort Worth, we drove to Tyler, Texas to visit another long-time family.  I wish I'd taken their picture. Oh well, next time. They treated us to a delicious Mexican meal.

My editor lives near Tyler, and I hoped we could meet for a coke along the highway but alas! Her schedule prevented it. We hope to see each other in June when we go to east Texas for the Lewis Family Reunion. We visited over our cells. I told her I was pleased she’d already sent back the first edits of Sarah and the Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island. Talk about fast and good! Is she ever! When we arrived home last night, I dove into making the suggested changes and sent the manuscript back to her.
Enjoy your day. Did any of you travel during spring break? If you did, I hope you enjoyed your trip as much as we did. A

Another Sarah is coming! Start your collection!


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