Monday, March 30, 2015

Gay's Days March 30, 2015

Thanks for inviting me into your home today.  I've poured a fresh brewed iced tea and want to share some stuff with you.
I started at daybreak for my two mile walk. The day started out at 65 F and promised a high of 83 F (and at 5:30 PM, it is.) Here's a picture of the sunrise. The warm up quickly banished the fog.

Enjoying the Azaleas again as I jaunted through the neighborhood.

I spent the morning with a variety of work, and then a landscape artist came this afternoon. He liked my ideas for the front bed.  Sorry hubby. He liked mine more than yours. Now to tell you about one of our trees.

We have a huge Arizona Ash in the back yard. When we built the house thirteen years ago, this tree already reached about eighty feet tall. I loved the lot and planned the house to fit around three huge trees. (The Pecan is my favorite, and the Ash my second favorite)  We've learned the Ash tree only lives about 20  to 30 years, so we decided to have a tree doctor look at it. It shows signs of aging. Don't we all?

He wanted $3800 to remove it.  No thanks.

I love the tree and hate to see it go, but on the other hand, I dread having the thing crash into our house. The beautiful wonder could kill us.

We asked him to remove numerous limbs. I couldn't believe how high this guy climbed.  Here's a few pictures.


This tree climber earned his money today!
Time now to prepare dinner. We are having left-overs. What are you enjoying?
Ya'll come see us in Texas, ya' hear?


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