Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gay's Days, March 18, 2015

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day, and I attended the Weston Lake's Women's Club. This nice lady greeted us.

Isn't she adorable? I hope she's reading my book. Whoever designed her did a fab job. Love her earrings.

After a delicious lunch, I ran errands. I still have outside stuff to do, but the weather reports predicted rain for today, so I planned to stay home and go tomorrow. Guess what? The sun shines and it is a glorious 73 degrees. My tires must have rotation and my car requires service. That chore is on the calendar for tomorrow. Don't you know that's when the rain will come?  Look out Houston! Gay and Sarah are headed your way.

One of our new club members told me at the luncheon that she'd just bought my first book. Sarah: A Mission of Love. She promised to leave a review, and I'm excited to see what she thinks.

2.99 on Amazon

Here's an excerpt from the first chapter.

“What is she doing?” The Commander watched the little angel from his position above the earth.

“Our Sarah is directionally challenged.” The Lieutenant grimaced as he gazed at his graduate student.

“She’s flitting from cloud to cloud.” The Commander narrowed his eyes. “Is that a map in her hand?” His gaze followed the diminutive resident of Heaven as she alternated between scanning the paper in her hand and scrutinizing the surroundings.

“Yes, sir, but she can’t figure it out. She has no clue she’s holding the diagram upside down.” The Lieutenant shook his head. “She’s taken Map Reading 101 three times, and I’ve personally tutored her. She’s a bit dyslexic and gets her left and right confused, along with east, west, north and south. At least she knows up and down.” He bit his lip as he saw the pint-sized trainee shoot up when she needed to go down. He held his breath when the little angel hesitated in mid-air with her wings unfurled. She then lowered her head and plunged several feet at high speed velocity before she righted herself.

The Lieutenant blew a loud whooshing breath. “Well, let me rephrase that. She recognizes up and down most of the time.” He shook his head and turned his attention to the Commander. “Sir, I’m not so sure this is the best angel for this assignment. Sarah’s fresh out of school. May I ask why you didn’t send Rachael?”

“Rachael has other lessons to learn. Sarah will do fine.” The Commander spoke with conviction.

“I wish I could believe it.”

Sarah goes on in this book to create one disaster after another. Sarah books are filled with romance, humor, and inspiration.

Perhaps I should change my auto appointments for this afternoon. Like Sarah, I don't do well in rain.

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