Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gay's Days March 26, 2015

Good morning friends,
The temperature these days in Fulshear, TX is gorgeous. Leaving the treadmill inside and choosing the streets seemed a great choice. I didn't take my camera on my walk, but the colors in the yard inspired me to go back and get it. Come along with me on my two mile jaunt, and I'll show you my vistas.

                                       A neighbor's tree                      A neighbor's azaleas
This neighbor's azaleas are almost full.  
                                                                These are really out.


Tyler, TX is famous for their azalea tour, but we have them here in our area too. Several garden clubs in Houston provide them, but ours aren't as famous as Tyler's. I wish the azaleas bloomed a bit longer than they do, but every spring, they show up again.
We have a landscape designer coming next Monday to give us ideas for our yard. We cleared out a bed, but with all the trees in the front, we need a variety that grows in the shade.  I'll take pictures when we get something planted.  I bought an angel to go there, and right now, she sits there all alone. Guess what I named her? You got it! Sarah!
Our 150 year old pecan tree is budding out in the back. Last year, we picked up about 200 native pecans and let the squirrels store the rest.
I write about flowers in my books. Did you know Sarah is allergic to lilies? Her reaction to them causes one disaster after another.
Here's an excerpt for Sarah: A Mission of Love. The Lieutenant arrives in the Commander's office to discuss Sarah's progress.

       The Lieutenant sat, but glanced around before he began. He loved the opulence in this room. The sparkling prisms in the windows behind the Commander were made from diamonds. God’s holy light filtered through the windowpanes and was a constant reminder—there was no darkness in Heaven. White linen covered the walls. The floor gleamed with gold-inlaid pearl. Flowers of every kind and color filled large vases and perfumed the air with sweet fragrance. The Commander was clearly partial to the purple and blue bouquets of orchids and blue bells. He also had a fondness for sapphires—a preference the Lieutenant shared.
If you go to my website, you'll see I'm partial to purple and also blue too.
Have a good day. Enjoy the flowers!

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