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Sarah at Christmas

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hubby and I once sang

Why is it as you age, one of the things to go is the voice?  I love to listen to Sandi Patty. Her voice has thrilled thousands for years, but she is retiring.  She commented that after sixty, the voice changes. She's sixty, but she till sounds great.

Hubby and I don't have anything like Sandi's quality, but we sang. His voice is still good. Mine....not so much.  If you haven't heard Sandi, please listen to her.

Check out Sandi's website.

We will miss Sandi and wish her well.

Our church is privileged to have a phenomenal pianist in Jane Turner. She's famous in her own right. She owns the Rosenberg Opry and teaches music, instruments and voice to kids. If you take lessons for her, you're blessed.

My voice requires a lower key these days, and Jane has the ability to transpose music.  Our small church is fortunate to have Jane who provides beautiful music each Sunday. We are also blessed to have a good pastor who has earned two post graduate degrees. Not many small churches like ours have talent with these credentials.

Small, country churches deserve blessings, and God has given us several. And I wish He'd let me sing as bad as I used to. 

Second Baptist Church, Rosenberg, TX
4100 Ave. N
Rosenberg, TX