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Sarah at Christmas

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time to Diet again

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After all the holiday food, many of us will need to shed a few pounds.  


Wouldn't it be lovely to eat and never gain?

In the story I'm working on, Sarah and the Magical Makeover, Sarah must help a lady lose seventy pounds. The woman hides behind weight and uses her size as a shield from pain. Sarah is petite, but she can appear in any masquerade.

Sarah intended to answer Valerie’s ad for a roommate, but if she appeared too glamorous when they met, Valerie might be intimidated and that would never do. 
Calling forth a cheval mirror, Sarah finally decided on a disguise. She added fifty pounds to her short height and gave herself frizzy, dull, brown hair. She placed large, red framed eyeglasses on her nose, wore no makeup and donned mismatched clothes. What was a fitting name for this masquerade? 
How about Chastity?
Nope. This image didn’t fit that lovely name. Even though she was chaste, angels experienced no sexual appetite, and in this get-up, she just didn’t look the part.
How about Naomi?
That was a lovely Biblical name. Ruth’s mother-in-law was an ideal role model for her daughter-in-law, but the name was dated, and Sarah wanted one more current.
All names were given for a purpose, and parents tried for beautiful and meaningful names. Well, Sarah’s Father had given her this task and He wanted her to reach a child of His. How about if she called herself Oceana? She loved watching the ocean, even though it often terrified her. The sound of the waves produced a melodic sensation. Perfect!

Wouldn't it be lovely to have Sarah's skills? With a nod,  we could change our size?

Come January, I'll diet...again.  How about you?

Date night and dinner. 

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