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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Frustrations with Government Programs

Insurance Plans

I read a post on Facebook from a woman who wrote now that Trump is the President-elect, she's afraid she'll lose Social Security and Obama Care.

Her thinking is skewed. She won't lose Social Security because Trump won the election. 

As far as Obama Care? I hope a replacement comes along.

I deal with it for our daughter. I've had one mess after another with it.  

I spend hours each week attempting to correct mistakes in the system. Since our daughter has dementia, my husband and I take care of her business. All government correspondence comes to us, and they telephone us when something new comes along.

Here's a recent conversation from a lady at Obama Care.

Lady:  I can't talk to you. I need to talk to XXXX.

Me: XXXX isn't here, she's with her caregiver, but you called me and you have my address.

Lady:  I can't talk to you.

Me:  XXXX gave you permission to talk to me. That's how you have my name and number.

Lady:  We don't have a record of that.

Me:  But you called ME!

Lady;  Your name isn't here.

This went on and on. The lady was following rules, but my point is this. Not only is Obama Care expensive, they make many mistakes and I know for a fact that the care is not the same quality.
Our daughter couldn't keep her former doctors and the new ones might be good, but they are too over worked to provide the same attention she once had. So she has not received what she needs. The time wait is extensive, and once seen, she's dismissed too easily.

The woman who posted on Facebook shouldn't worry. Her monthly Social Security checks will continue. If she's eligible for SS, she should be eligible for Medicare, so I don't know why she's so concerned about Obama Care.

If you're one of the people who like Obama Care, good for you. I'm pleased it works for you.

It hasn't worked in our case, and I'm hoping the new administration comes up with a better plan.

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